Glam Tie Media was founded in 2013 by videographer – Jordan Lindley, with a goal to help bring a unique, eye-catching perception into the entertainment industry. Leading with his greatest ambition to help promote fellow artists everywhere, he strived to make each client’s talents recognized and their voices heard.

Now GTM has branched out into working with people and businesses all over the country, aiding in pushing their ideas onto the big screen. We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside businesses and artists such as Red Bull, Debi Lilly Style, Albertsons, Mountain Dew, Volvo, Modern Luxury Magazines, Stoli Vodka, Conlon & Co., Scarlet Bar and Marcus Terell Inc.

At Glam Tie Media, our main goal as a business is to make every product cinematically unique and timeless – helping mold your dreams into reality.