March on Springfield! from Glam Tie Media on Vimeo.

March on Springfield!

October 30, 2013

NOW IS THE TIME: March on Springfield for Marriage Equality (10.22.13)
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On Oct. 22, 2013, thousands gathered in Springfield at the State Capitol of Illinois unified by a belief that love will prevail. The call to action, “NOW IS THE TIME,” was chanted over and over encouraging us all to come together and stand on the side of love.

The crowd stood in the rain for over four hours as inspiring music and speeches warmed hearts and minds. As a testimony to inclusion, there were actually more “straight” allies than those who represented any letter in the LGBTQ acronym along with high school and college students and church congregations from across Illinois.

Produced by Vicious Muse. Directed by Vicious Muse and Glam Tie Media. Filmed by Jordan Lindley of Glam Tie Media. Original music by Sami Grisafe “Brand New Fairy Tale” (to be released in 2014) and backed by members of Chicago’s GIRLBAND – Jaclyn Rada, Sheela Reddy and Janet Cramer.

Rock the March performers: Sami Grisafe, Stephen Leonard, Marcus Terell, Steve Grand, SONiA of disappear fear and the incomparable Honey West.


NOW IS THE TIME: March on Springfield for Marriage Equality (10.22.13)