GTM #004

April 1, 2015
Reeeemiiiiiiix! We’re proud to present our first DJ feature issue with one of the best, DJ Trentino, in a brand new GTM Exclusive! Check out T’s story along with a couple LIVE jazz performances by Chicago based funk groups HipTrip + J-livi & The Party! 

DJ Trentino | GTM Exclusive //

We sat down with 2013 Red Bull Thre3style US Champion, DJ Trentino, to discuss his start in the music biz, some recent experiences/collabs + what he has in the works for 2015. You can follow more of his sounds + upcoming performances at the links below!

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J-Livi & The Party – Uptown Funk //

If you’re digging the latest Mark Ronson hit featuring Bruno Mars in “Uptown Funk,” you’re going to flip over J-livi & The Party‘s funky cover of it! We caught this performance live at the last Funk Party in February, hosted by Alex Wasily of HipTrip, and the crowd went bananas over it! Just watch the video if you don’t believe us.

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HipTrip – The Lick Jam //

Here’s our 2nd live video from the night of the latest Funk Party, hosted by Alex Wasily, featuring an outstanding original by HipTrip – “The Lick Jam!” We have quite a few things in store for this group, so stick around if you dig the funk! You’ll be able to catch all of our other full song videos at HipTrip’s YouTube channel below.

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