GTM #31

November 25, 2017
For all of you hard rock fans out there who happen to dig some Taylor Swift, we’re giving you the best of both in a brand new performance music video featuring Chicago-based hard rock band, Achilles! We also have a sick new live-filmed music video with Gabriel and the Apocalypse from our time touring with them this summer. This month’s live show pics include HELLYEAH, The Pretty Reckless, We Came As Romans, 9ELECTRIC + MORE – taken from both Rock USA + City of the Weak’s “Life Is Beautiful” Tour!   

Achilles – Look What You Made Me Do //

Here is our latest music video starring Achilles, a group of sick hard rockers from Chicago! Achilles was formed by two brothers, Alex and Esteban Nambo, in 2008. With their sound, they try to combine elements of music ranging from classic rock, metal, grunge, and alternative rock. You’ll definitely be able to feel all of those qualities in their hard rock cover of “Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift. If you dig what you hear, go and check out the link below to hear their debut EP, “Revelations”!

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Gabriel And The Apocalypse – March Of The Dolls //

This music video, starring Gabriel and the Apocalypse, shows live footage from the run with Wednesday13 this summer on the “Condolences Tour”! It features one of their singles, “March Of The Dolls”, which you can find on their latest album released last fall. As you can see, these guys know how to bring the circus to town!

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City Of The Weak (Life Is Beautiful Tour) //

Check out our captured moments with City of the Weak on their “Life Is Beautiful” Tour run with 9Electric! Featuring shows from Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana + more! Click here to see the full list of photos.

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Rock USA 2017 //

Check out our captured moments at Rock USA 2017 featuring Hellyeah, The Pretty Reckless, Candlebox + We Came As RomansClick here to see the full list of photos.

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