GTM #30

September 29, 2017
In this month’s issue of GTM – We are digitally taking you on the road with City of the Weak, on board for the Ungrateful Tour, to give you all an exclusive sneak peak into the touring life of a sassy, alternative rock n’ roll band from Minneapolis, MN! Our side dishes include some sick new photos from our tour this summer with Gabriel and the Apocalypse, as well as a brand new Funk Party recap video brought to you by the Chicago-based funky cats from HipTrip.    

CITY OF THE WEAK: Ungrateful Tour //

Drum roll please… Introducing our first ever GTM Exclusive Tour Video featuring Minneapolis-based rock band, City of the Weak! We had the distinct pleasure of traveling around the country and documenting The Ungrateful Tour – COTW’s tour to promote their latest single, “Ungrateful”! Check out our recap covering the beautiful scenery, the exciting venues and the loving crowds. You can also find the link to their single below on iTunes. Enjoy!

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Check out our captured moments from the Gabriel and the Apocalypse (Condolences Tour)! Featuring shows from California, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Indiana + more! Clike here to see the full list of photos.

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Put your jazz hands up for Funk Party 13! Hosted by the incredible Alex Wasily – head of Chicago funk group, HipTrip. This time held at the beautiful Rutcorp in Bridgeport, IL. Guesting DJ Ryan Gac, Astro Samurai + The Heard! Check out the full recap below and stay up to date with all Chicago Funk Parties via HipTrip’s website here!

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