GTM #17

May 31, 2016
Lighting up our Spring Issue this month is the lovely + talented Debi Lilly, Chief Eventeur of A Perfect Event! We made another hilarious Blooper Reel this year highlighting some candid moments behind the scenes + we also have a Debi Lilly Moroccan themed DIY video as well as some awesome live photos of Chicago rock band, El Famous, at Subterranean! Enjoy!! 

A Perfect Event: Bloopers 2016 //

From all of our DIY video shoots with A Perfect Event for Evite, Albertsons + Girls’ Guide To Paris… we’re bound to catch Debi slip up once in a while. You can check out how funny this woman is behind the camera in this year’s A Perfect Event: Blooper Reel. Even her mess-ups are perfect!

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A Perfect Event: Moroccan Party //

On a more serious note, here we’re sharing one of our favorite parties thrown by the Queen of Glamour – Debi Lilly! Showing off the elegance brought to every bash hosted by A Perfect Event + flawless Moroccan-inspired details. If you like this one, you can view all of our DIY videos with Debi at!

Hope For The Day //

Here are the images we captured from the El Famous concert, held at Chicago’s Subterranean on May 21st! Opening for EF, we had Artifex Pereo, LOWCOUNTRY, Deville + Bloodman! Each band brought something special to the stage, and this fan-packed room was living! You can check out our full list of pics here!

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