GTM #15

March 22, 2016
Good morning, Glam Rockerz! You’re in for a treat this month as we’re sharing the work of our sick friends – the hip-hop duo Matt Bones + Samy Language, also known as BoneLang! We have an all new GTM Exclusive, as well as the playlist BoneLang just released as a teaser for what’s to come, a new event coverage of “Live To Death” featuring HXLT + the latest and greatest Funk Party video hosted by HipTrip! Enjoy! 

BoneLang – GTM Exclusive //

This month we got an exclusive back seat to the development of Matt Bones + Samy Language, creating their sick hip-hop sound which they’ve grown to know and love as BoneLang. Check out all they had to say in our latest GTMX! You can also check out their official release of Set Theory below the video, which is a prelude mixtape to foreshadow what’s in the works for their upcoming album. If you like hip-hop/rap, you’re going to dig it… if you don’t, you’ll probably dig it anyways. All we can say is, if this is the teaser… ya’ll know this album’s going to be dope. Check it out!

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Live To Death //

Check out this sick event, hosted by Chicago’s very own Nigel Holt AKA HXLT, promoting the release of his very first official album! The list of performers this night included Glass Lux, Idyll, + a special DJ set by Twin Shadow! Watch our recap video here and if you like what you hear, you can purchase the full album on iTunes via the link below!

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Funk Party XII //

Are you ready for the latest Funk Party recap video, Funk Lovers?! Well here you go. Back at the beautiful Chicago venue, Canvas, this time we got to witness soul-filled performances by Bumpus, Low Spark + of course, Hiptrip! Check it out, and if you’re really diggin’ it… make sure you follow the social media links below so you can be at the next one!

Hiptrip Bumpus Low Spark Canvas Chicago